Christmas Lights

mini lights

Mini Lights

  • Christmas Light Colors: Clear, White, Multicolored, All Colors
  • Wire Colors: Green, White, Brown
  • Light Display Options: Steady, Twinkle, Chasing
led christmas lights

LED Christmas Lights

  • LED Christmas Lights offer terrific energy efficiency, convenient installation and superior brightness.
  • Choose from LED Mini Lights, C7, C9, Net Lights, Icicle Lights and more.
  • Great for all Christmas decorating needs: trees, bushes, roof line.
icicle lights and led icicles

Icicle Lights

  • Create a wintry snowscape with quick-hanging icicle lights.
  • Various colors and styles in LED and incandescent icicles for a unique light display.
  • Hang icicle lights along rooflines and windows to create a winter wonderland.
Christmas Net Lights

Net Lights and Tree Wraps

  • Net Lights make decorating outdoors easy
  • Net Lighting, Tree Wraps, and Column Wraps in an assortment of colors
  • Decorate bushes and trees with ease this year
C7 C9 bulbs and strings

C7 / C9 Christmas Lights

  • C7 and C9 bulbs are a popular outdoor Christmas lights offering superior brightness.
  • Customize displays with LED or traditional C7/C9 bulbs or use pre lamped sets for fast installation.
  • Choose 1.5" C7 bulbs or larger 2.5" C9 bulbs for your roofline or walkway.
Christmas Twinkle Mini Lights

Twinkle Lights / Animated

  • Liven up your light display with the mesmerizing dance of twinkle lights.
  • Add a little sparkle to Christmas lights or use in animated light shows.
  • Use twinkle lights anywhere flashing lights are needed! Mini light controllers let you create unique lighting effects.
rope lights

Rope Light

  • Rope Light to wrap around columns, outline the house, or frame signs
  • Huge selection of colors, lengths and diameter
  • Shop incandescent, LED, and chasing rope light
  • Flexible and easy to use
Party Lights

Patio String Lights and Bulbs

  • E17 and E26 base sockets
  • Patio String Lights and Bulbs
  • Use patio string lights with party lights for a festive ambiance
  • Indoor and outdoor use
garland lights

Garland Lights

  • Decorate outside and in with lighted garlands
  • LED, Clear, Multi Colored, and Twinkle available
  • 6' Beaded Garlands to 18' Lighted Garland Strands
white wire Christmas lights

White Christmas Lights

  • White Wire Christmas Lights
  • Clear Lights, White Bulbs and more
  • Great for weddings and holiday decorating
  • Different lengths and bulb counts available
Snowfall icicle lights

LED Cascade and Snowfall Lights

  • Simulate falling snow with the dripping LED light effect of Grand Cascade lights.
  • Colorful cascading lights and molded icicle bulbs.
  • Use as outdoor Christmas lights to create eye catching displays.
battery operated lights

Battery Operated Lights

  • Battery Powered Holiday and Wedding Lights
  • Candles for windows, mantles, and centerpieces
  • Minilights, LEDs, and more offer freedom in decorating
tree lights

Christmas Tree Lights

Selection of the most popular tree lights on our site.
  • Wire Colors: Green, White
  • Lights: 20 - 100ct, Clear, Multi
  • Lengths: 8' - 50'L
Outdoor Christmas Lights

Outdoor Christmas Lights

  • Huge selection of Outdoor Christmas Lights
  • Net Lights, LED Strings, Minilights, Rope Lighting, Stars, and Spheres
  • Lighting decor options for Commercial or Residential
outdoor christmas decorations

Outdoor Christmas Decorations

  • Rope Light Motifs for yards and rooftops
  • Lighted Topiary and Grapevine animals
  • Outdoor Christmas decor for kids and adults
  • Popular Santa, reindeer, snowmen, stars and more for outdoor display
christmas light clips

Christmas Light Clips & Hangers

  • All styles of Christmas light clips
  • Gutter clips, shingle clips, siding hooks and specialty light clips
  • Choose from permanent or temporary installation
  • Hang Christmas lights like a pro!